Metempsychosis (Greek: μετεμψύχωσις) is a philosophical term in the Greek language referring to transmigration of the soul, especially its reincarnation after death. It is a doctrine popular among a number of Eastern religions such as  Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Druzism wherein an individual incarnates from one body to another, either human, animal, or plant.

I title my post as ‘it‘ because today, after more than an year, of which my New Year Resolution was to blog regularly, i have come back to write a post. And this time, I promise I will NOT promise or even say that i will be regular in posting my thoughts as I know I can’t !! period.

Year 2009 has been the one of the most Adventurous, most Enriching, most Enlightening, very Social and Intellectually Igniting year of my life, till date. It started with some dreadful days @JIIT, followed by many laborious weeks at Infosys Technologies Ltd, Mysore.

Training at Infy [as we call it] was quite a hectic and rigorous schedule in the initial days, but the feeling, in totality was perhaps amusing. We were trained, technically, and due then due to the humungous size of the campus, very much physically too. I still remember those days, rather nights and late nights, we used to spend together preparing for a module test after every 2-3 days. Some going to sleep to get up early next day for cramming the slides, some fooling around and asking ‘kitna kar liya.. mujhe bhi kuch padha de na yar‘ and some not sleeping AT ALL, in the fear that they will not be able to wake up the next morning at the time of test. Gosh, its still so amusing 🙂

Then came the Version 1.0 of ‘2 Golden Months of 2009 @Infy Mysore‘ when we had completed our training and had to develop a ‘Project‘ which will act as our Final Semester Project @JIIT also. I cant even explain the joyous yet hostile, insightful yet lazy moments of that ‘era’. I just wish that could have never ended, sigh..

But it ended, in last week of May 2009 and on the next day, we had our Farewell @JIIT. It was the last time I kind-a loved JIIT from all 4 sections of my heart ‘coz after that, I had the WORST ever, literally worst time attending some stupid sessions at JIIT, Noida.

Nevertheless, came July 25, 2009 and I had my own, my very own iPhone in my hands !!! Sigghhhh…

Now my wish list was materialistically empty, but as we had to join back Infy on July 27, 2009 I was separated from my Macbook for 3 months. But yes, the upcoming 2 months of Extended Training @Infy Mysore undoubtedly qualified as Version 2.0 of ‘2 Golden Months of 2009 @Infy Mysore‘.

And yes, this was the same period where I got selected for SETLabs, the Research Arm of Infy and it was a moment of Pure Contentment ! [All thanks to Mr Puneet Gupta, Principal Researcher, Convergence Lab, SETLabs, Infosys Technologies Ltd. ]

Experience at SETLabs has been great till now, as I work in Mobility Platforms domain, and currently developing a thick client application for iPhone. I have some very learned yet humble people around me, with whom I can share, learn, discuss ideas quite comfortably.

And then ofcourse, Vipul bhaiya’s marriage on November 29, was a total blast. After so long, I had been with half of my family and had loads & loads of fun, all around my birthday.

Phew ! So that was year 2009 for me, in a nut-shell. I hope it must had been great for you too, and if not, WHO CARES.. Its already gone, right ?



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