[India Online Report] Peak Emailing Happens: 12-1 PM, Social Networking: 2-3 PM

A report from IMRB on Internet usage in India suggests that there are 56Mn active urban Internet users above the age of 15. The report tracked 5 usage categories, viz. Email, Social Networking, Finance, Travel and Cricket. Following are the stats for each of these categories:

1. Email – 51.1Mn users
2. Social networking – 42.6Mn
3. Finance – 22.4Mn
4. Travel – 20Mn
5. Cricket – 14.6Mn

For emails, the report suggests that peak usage happens between 12PM to 1PM. While Gmail is the clear leader followed by Yahoo, Rediff and Hotmail.

Social Networking sites are most used between 2PM-3PM. Facebook is undoubtedly the leader with Orkut having half as much traffic. Surprisingly, Ibibo is ahead of Linkedin at number 3.

Finance sites see a peak after market hours between 4PM to 5PM. Moneycontrol is the leader in the category with Yahoo Finance and Rediff Money following in closely. Unlike email and social networking, the finance sites’ traffic is very fragmented with the market leader having only 15% share.

Travel is still dominated by Indian railways but MakeMyTrip is close behind IRCTC at number 2. Yatra.com has nearly half the traffic as that of MMT.

Cricket saw a leader in Yahoo followed by ESPNcricinfo. Given that the data is for April-’11, the Indiatimes-IPL site also saw significant traffic and ranked at number 3.



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