This too shall pass…

This is probably one of the most generic term, rather phrase, I have heard lately. People often use these words to express umpteen varieties of emotions (read care, affection, advice, condolence etc.) to their nears & dears.

If we are sad, generally mom would say, “Don’t worry son, it is just another phase of life.. This too shall pass.”

If we are happy, our enemies would think, “Remember, this too shall pass!”

If we are disappointed, all our dear friends cheer us up by punching up with same postulation.

If we are super anxious, God himself smiles and tells us in a subtle way, “Stand up boy! Its just another test, this too shall pass.”

And last but not least… If we eat something weird, “We agree to ourselves, in our minds, that this too shall pass…” ofcourse, followed by an uber relaxing fart !

The list is long but the idea is short & simple. No matter what kind of situation we are put into, no matter how good or bad it is, it is bound to change !!

Change is inevitable yet super awesome, I say ! It brings joy to a recovering patient, satisfaction to a student writing his last exam of semester, pain to a pregnant women, blessings to a newly married couple, expenses to a boy trying to please his girl-friend, frustration to a techie working hard to go beyond his manager’s expectation, nostalgia to a rich old man while riding a bicycle on streets, contentment to a student after attending his favorite subject’s class, sleep to a beggar having a delicious dinner and peace to a human serving selflessly to others.

As an American poet rightly says, “Patience & fortitude conquer all things”.



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