Offbeat Advice I Wish I Was Given in School

Pay attention in art class. It’s the one subject you’ll use no matter what you do in life.

Play a sport. What you don’t learn in art class you’ll pick up on the field.

Attend class. Take copious notes. If the teacher talks about it, it will be on the final exam.

Sit in row 1 or 2. Perception matters. Sitting up close tells the teacher you care.

Doodle often. It’s your brain on auto drive. You never know where it will take you.

Do your homework. The stress of telling your teacher you didn’t do it isn’t worth it.

Do what you love. Then master it so you can do it much better than anyone else you know. Happiness is where interests and capabilities intersect.

Ask out someone at least two grades above you. And expect to be rejected. Rejection is the muscle that will power your future success. (And if you actually succeed, even better! Grab the Drakkar. Game on!).

Admit your mistakes. Don’t lie. Take your punishment. And move on. The mistake won’t hurt you. The coverup will. Flawed, vulnerable people are likable. Liars aren’t.

Stand up for your friends. They’ll always remember. And be there for you.

Stand up for your not-yet-friends. They’ll become your friends. Maybe even your best friends.

Learn to speak and write clearly, concisely and, most importantly, with passion. And never forget to shut up and listen.


Credits : Michael Lazerow


2 thoughts on “Offbeat Advice I Wish I Was Given in School

  1. Another one, but not taught in school usually. Show genuine gratitude. Even for the smallest help or advice you have received. Always. That even applies to the man who opened the door for you at the restaurant.

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