Waste Energy – Usable Energy

While on my way to office, today morning, I was just wondering that why don’t industries produce electricity using their chimneys. Out of hundreds of thousands of Industrial Units spread whole across the nation, atleast 30-40% of them have deployed huge chimneys for propelling out their gaseous wastes into the atmosphere. Now, with the advent of wind turbines being gaining popularity in producing Green Electricity, I believe, these industries should install some wind turbines over their chimneys which will be driven by the propelled gasses coming out of the chimneys. This can not only serve the in-house needs of electricity but also, the near by slum areas could be easily benefitted with this scheme. If a chimney runs all 24 hours or atleast 12hrs a day, it can produce a sufficient amount of electricity as today’s wind mills are quite efficient & productive in converting the potential energy of the wind to electrical energy.

Zada hoga nai, aur kam ham karenge nai‘ is a totally inappropriate approach in today’s scenario. Every single bit counts and people should come up with more innovative ideas to spread awareness and try to conserve or recycle energy as much as possible even at an individual’s scale.

Interestingly, many IT companies like Google, Apple, Infosys, Wipro et al are already putting huge efforts to lower their carbon foot print. Recently, Idea cellular company also showed their ad of replacing paper with mobile, as people cannot afford to leave mobile phones, hence its better to add more value to it and become more environmental friendly too.

Preserving / Recycling of Non – Renewable resources is the only option left for us, to sustain mankind. Beware OR Be aware !